A disarming tea 5/20/06
San Jose's Cypress Gardens Center

Betsy Wolf-Graves (at right) commented on budget priorities listed on post-it notes from participants. Each of the 10 tables conferred and suggested alternatives to military spending.
Danelle Moon (left) led off the budget exercise by reporting her table's priorities. Health care for all, education, affordable housing and alternative energy topped the final list.

Kim Kinoshita photos

Roz Dean proposed sending cards to Sen. Feinstein opposing a costly "star wars" missile test.

Dessert trays followed rolled sandwiches and scones with lemon curd and clotted cream.   Wendy Malepeai photo

Enjoying the program: Mim Ostenso,

Phil and Anne Pflager, Jamie McLeod, Vanessa Cooper


"Gonna Write to My Congressman" (make that congress member)

San Jose Grannies plus a visitor from American Samoa sang out at the conclusion of the budgeting exercise.

From left, Roberta Diephouse, Jean Salmon, Joan Wildermann, Joan Bazar, Shirley Lin Kinoshita, Lois Fiedler and Wendy Malepeai (sister of Joan Goddard).