Save the Water - from pollution, privatization, misuse


Granny Shirley Lin Kinoshita, Phyllis Ward, Jack Hill, Watie Anthney, Carol Dalrymple and Claudia Shope at FORUM at the labor temple.


SJ Branch and Raging Grannies told retired union workers about privatization threats and bottled water concerns. Speakers were Lois Fiedler, Joan Bazar and Roz Dean. A lively discussion followed at the April 27, 2006, gathering.

Roz Dean, with alternative bottle, hears query from Jack Welch. Jean Salmon is at left, Luis Aceves in back.


Peninsula Original Raging Grannies (and a San Jose granny) brought the word on bottled water and privatization dangers to lunchtime passersby in Palo Alto's Lytton Plaza on Mar. 22. The Peninsula Branch of WILPF had a program on water with Nancy Price in February.

Singing at the San Jose Branch's Save the Water program in July 2005, from left, Roz Dean, Lois Fiedler, Joan Bazar, guest speaker Sylvia Kothe, Shirley Lin Kinoshita, and friends.            Photo by David Wald

WILPF National launched a three-year campaign to Save the Water on Aug. 11 with a sparkling panel of experts and an array of workshops at the National Congress held at San Francisco State University.
Among the resource people are some familiar names: Sylvia Kothe, who spoke at our water program in July, and Juliette Beck of Public Citizen in Oakland, source of the pamphlets on bottled water and privatization worldwide we distributed at the July program.
In addition we learned from Caleen Sisk-Franco about the struggle of her Winnemem Wintu Tribe to preserve their traditional water rights near Shasta Dam. Davis environmental writer and activist Nancy Price facilitated workshops on privatization, pollution and bottled water. Laura Santina of San Ramon co-chairs the national campaign and wrote the proposal endorsed by the U.S. membership.
After our well attended July program with OWL and NOW, we know that these are topics of concern to others in the South Bay. Our audience responded with enthusiasm to the drama of water.
Contact us if you'd like to participate in any of these ways::

  • Join our Save the Water Committee
  • Arrange for a half-hour presentation at your club, union, church
  • Join the San Jose Raging Grannies and perform our water songs and chant (see below)
"Water is the earth's most precious resource. Access to safe and affordable water is a human right. Local, democratic control of water is essential for food security and peace.

Everywhere accelerating privatization threatens public control over access to water while scarcity looms from overuse and pollution. WILPF's campaign starts with developing water literacy and awareness that the protection and use of water is a community issue.

WILPF-fostered local water research and planning groups empower communities to take responsibility for their own water quality and availability. The campaign seeks to be a catalyst for a national mobilization to 'take back the water' and move this vital resource for all life into the Public Trust."

- WILPF Water Campaign

(Tune: ‘This Land Is Your Land’ by Woody Guthrie)
words by Granny Joan

Rain falls on our land, rain falls on our sea.
From Cochabamba to Californie,
The corporations try to grab our water.
Raindrops belong to you and me.

Big farmers waste our precious water
Growing rice on desert land.
It’s time for us to take a stand,
Raindrops belong to you and me.
(repeat chorus)

When Bechtel told the Cochabambans
Collecting rain was now a no-no,
They rose up, said, [shout] “Bechtel’s got to go!
Raindrops belong to you and me!”
(repeat chorus)

In Stockton town, the mayor and council
Sold the city’s water to the highest bidder,
Folks got riled, said, [shout] “Reconsider,
Raindrops belong to you and me!”
(repeat chorus)

Take the Pledge
Say No to Bottled Water
chant by Granny Charlotte

(First round – repeat each line AFTER song/chant leader
Second round – say pledge in UNISON with song/chant leader)

Take the pledge, take the pledge…
Say NO to bottled water
– Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead,
Aquafina, Evian –
drink from the tap instead!

Water is a public good
And not a source of profit
H2O’s for all of us –
keep corporate hands off it!

 Take the pledge, take the pledge…
Boycott bottled water
You won’t die of thirst
Water’s not a source of profit
The planet’s needs come first!

Save the Water
(Tune: "Cool, Clear Water")
words by Granny Joan

All day I face the mounting bills
just to drink my fill of water
cool water (water, water, water)
Damn corporation bought the rights
An' raised the prices out of sight. (water, water)
Cool (water)
Clear (water )
Water (water)

Keep an eye on Sam (water)
Don't you listen to his plan (water, water)
It's a devil of a scam
To rob us of our land (water)
Man, can't you see the necessity (water)
To keep our water running free (water)
Available to me ... and you
Cool, clear water (water, water)